zero (jupiterxcrash) wrote,

Hey guys.

so sorry. I will be gone a little longer.

give me 3 days. I promise everything will be done.

I am really truly sorry for the long break.

thanks for being patient.

P.S: the people who wanted request, please post here.

like I said. I am so so so so so so so so sorry!!!!

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Actually I need a banner made for my Cure site! after all you do such great work! Cheers!
My request isn't overly imperitive, so take your time.

Its an Apoptygma Berzerk Icon.

I know, weird.

Let me know if you think you can do it.
i had a request for a billy boyd bg... i'm pretty sure the pics are still up in the post. take yer time.
for some reason i can't get a hold of your robert smith layout from before :/

but i was wondering, could you possibly make a brian molko bg for me also?
yeah. just gimme some time.
thanks, and take your time i understand :)
i was wondering when you got time to do this icon instead of the other one i told you cuz i used it already and i don't like it much.

if you could cut her out and do a background..maybe a turquoise and in lime perhaps say "deeper than a dream" whatever u could do, thanks. <3