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I am what your mother warned you about.

welcome to jupiterxcrash
A place where graphics and icons are made by me zeroalexis

here are a few things I would like to mention:

1. Please comment, if you are going to use something
2. Do not steal my stuff. Or else I will have to ban you.
4. Do not link the pictures from my site. It takes too much bandwith and it's not good.
5. Please credit or tag. you must. And tell me what you will use it for whenever you will use it.

I will be sharing some of them. so be warned. and some will be sharing off of others. So don't be upset. I am only trying to help.

another thing I am not too great at animations....so if you want a request. sure...I can try, but give me a few days, or a few hours. I can do bases, some blending and text and more...but gimme some time. I will understand how to do it.




I've helped:
thecure2-yahoo community
and made an icon for


A hand in my mouth
A life spills into the flowers
We all look so perfect
As we all fall down
In an electric glare
The old man cracks with age
She found his last picture
In the ashes of the fire
An image of the queen
Echoes round the sweating bed
Sour yellow sounds inside my head
In books
And films
And in life
And in heaven
The sound of slaughter
As your body turns

But it's too late

One more day like today and I'll kill you
A desire for flesh
And real blood
I'll watch you drown in the shower
Pushing my life through your open eyes

I must fight this sickness
Find a cure
I must fight this sickness...