zero (jupiterxcrash) wrote,

okay knew this was comming. Only cause I needed to.

this livejournal is friends only

if you want to get icons :) ya need to add me and comment.
The comment code I want you to say after you added me is

plastic passion

thanks :D
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i hope you'll keep me as added because i love looking at your creations and i especially LOVE the robert smith friends only banner you just did.
Thanks :). no you are still there. just read my lastest post and awnser okay?
plastic passion ;)
^_^. you are added my friend.
plastic passion.

were people stealing your stuff?
no, I just wanted to keep track of who is using my stuff :).


13 years ago

plastic passion

spifty password :)

What the person abov eme said: peopls stealing stuffs?
nope. just trying to keep track...and I think some people stole my stuff...maybe..but can't do anything about it *shrugs* so this is why I do it now. But really the big reason is to just keep track.

I trust everyone on my list.
plastic passion :)

I didn't add this journal on my friends list!? wtf!

omg! well I am very much adding you babe!
plastic passion..
woo hoo!
you're in! :D
plastic passion
added :)
plastic passion
added =)


13 years ago

plastic passion

I found this journal through The Cure lj community, I hope you don't mind me adding you.
no, it's a pleasure :D

you shall be added :)
Hello! I'm here and your journal is beautiful. Can you add me?
PS. plastic passion


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

Plastic Passion Simply Elegant!
:) added!
is a hycoscine heart
plastic passion is a transparent tart
plastic passion :]
consider yaself added :D
Plastic passion is a gold guarantee
This plastic passion is murdering me
Oh! it's a plastic passion.

like to be added?
:) if so just tell me.
plastic passion
added ^_^!
plastic passion

added :)
plastic passion

yr icons are lovely.
i saw yr post on thecure ...

see i'd love to make an icon that has the lil video clip ... unfortunately i have no clue how.
i'd love it if you'd donate an icon to me.

&i'd love it if you'd add me so i can see other purdy icons.

:) Thanks for the comment but do you mind reading my rules first before.

Just say the code, and you will definately be in ;)
mememememe <3
ps// plassstic passion.

so cure.


13 years ago


plastic passion.


13 years ago

Plastic passion.

I've added you. =)
added back babe ;)
Plastic passion
add me please.:)

Plastic Passion!
added :D
Plastic Passion... should I sing/type the whole song? lol

I have been loving your icons for a while now. Oh yes. <3
heehee and you shall be added cause I love you
and if you wanna sing the whole song, that be great!
plastic passion, if you please
and you shall be added ;)
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